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The Libertines Release 'Gunga Din' Video


So here it is then, the first look at The new Libertines. On the face of it not much has changed, a few are heavier a few a little greyer and hopefully a little wiser but what remains is still the heart and soul of a band just as capable of writing a sonnet as they are of holding you up at knife point.

‘Gunga Din’ the latest release and video for The Libertines has been met with wide appreciation after it’s first play on BBC Radio 1 last night and why wouldn’t it? Some were worried that this latest attempt at a reunion would fall short or that they would just try too hard. But luckily, on ‘Gunga Din’ at least, the band look capable not only of rekindling the love their fans felt but moving on from what was a tumultuous time.

The video sees the band prowling down the Thai red light district full of frolics and underlying fury, it strikes similarities between their ‘Up The Bracket’ video over a decade earlier but still doesn’t feel conceited or contrived. While the track itself sounds like a matured band still filled with the fire of an un-repressed man but with a little more subtlety and poetic flourish.

It’s a welcome return for a band that have clearly got their sights set on making up for the last ten years in the wilderness.