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(Credit: Channel 4)

The Libertines frontman Pete Doherty was arrested again in Paris while celebrating his release from custody


It appears that old habits do die hard as Peter Doherty, one part of the illustrious rock and roll rabble-rousers The Libertines found himself in trouble with the law yet again. The second time in a few nights and allegedly while celebrating his release from the previous offense.

The allegations place Doherty at the centre of a Parisian brawl as he tussled with a 19-year-old while drunkenly celebrating his release from police custody for allegedly buying cocaine from a dealer a few days prior.

Doherty’s lawyer, Arash Derembarsh told a few less notable newspapers that the singer had returned to his home following his release and taken some sleeping tablets. After which, he decided to have a quick nightcap while still in his pyjamas – to celebrate his freedom – but when you’re Pete Doherty people tend to buy you drinks and by all accounts, he was fairly hammered.

The singer was then approached by the young man and the pair quickly came to drunken blows. A drunken tussle ensued and Doherty found himself heading back to the custody of some of Paris’ finest. Doherty reportedly faces charges of “violence by a person in a state of drunkenness.”

While The Libertines band representatives have confirmed that this will not affect the launching of their huge European tour, there is a general feeling of unrest about the incident within the band’s core fan group. With Doherty having such a high profile and abusive relationship with drugs, many are worrying that this is the first signs of a more unsettling relapse.

We sure do hope not.