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Credit: YouTube


The Libertines have shared rare footage of an early London gig from 1999


When The Libertines released their debut album in 2002, it’s fair to say, much like Oasis before them, that they changed the entire rock and roll game in Britain. While comparisons to The Strokes were valid, the footage below proves The Libs had their style from the very beginning.

The band have now shared some footage, complete with Pete Doherty, Carl Barat and John Hassall, performing an early version of their iconic hit ‘Music When The Lights Go Out’ from way back in 1999.

Before the group signed to Rough Trade and began work on their seminal album Up The Bracket, they were happy touring the London pub circuit and, in particular, a place called Filthy MacNasty’s in Islington.

A favourite haunt of the band, this footage may derive from the grimy cafe. The group show off their skiffle-beginnings and a hint of the future as they belt out ‘Music When The Lights Go Out’ and an unnamed second song.

The song would eventually end up on 2004’s self-titled album and has become a stalwart of the band’s live sets ever since.

The clip comes as part of a series of exclusive clips that The Libertines have promised to release during the lockdown. Any fan of the band will know that The Libs were arguably the first band to really make waves on the internet, using forums and message boards to organise guerilla gigs and make memories.

Below watch another moment of insanity from the group.