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(Credit: Ewan Ogden)


The Lathums share warm new single 'Oh My Love'

The Lathums - 'All My Love'

The Lathums have shared their heartwarming new single, ‘Oh My Love’.

The touching new single arrives after the Wiganners recently announced the biggest tour of their career, including a date at Manchester’s O2 Victoria Warehouse. Eight of the venues have been upgraded and sees the upstarts visit iconic venues across the UK, including The Barrowlands in Glasgow and Nottingham’s Rock City. This tour is some contrast to the intimate rooms they were playing to before the pandemic failed to stop the rise of The Lathums.

‘Oh My Love’ is a short, acoustic-led affectionate ditty that leaves you pining for more when the blissful two-minute and twenty seconds comes to an end. The track is a sweet ode that captures young love, and it’ll no doubt be a fan favourite once gigs return, as The Lathums serve up rapturous sing-along will ensue.

On the chorus, a heartfelt Alex Moore sings: “Time is weak and demanding of me, It’ll crumble at your fingertips, If you want to be happy then happy you will be, Oh my love, Oh my love.”

Commenting on the track, frontman Moore said: “The opening line: ‘your face seems to have sunken, in the event of my demise’ starts a back and forth with someone who is no longer with us, talking from above.

“Moving on, lines like ‘time is weak and demanding of me’ are a concession to the fact that life moves on, it’s too short and there’s no need to hang on to negativity. It’s upbeat and happy, a complete juxtaposition to the starting point for the song when I was a hurting teenager.”

The track shows another string to The Lathums bow, and the empathetic nature of the lyrics gives ‘Oh My Love’ an immeasurable amount of heart, which has a rare sincerity to it. Moore’s knack for songwriting is evident, and ‘Oh My Love’ has an essence of vintage pop oozing out of it, which is further proof that The Lathums are far away from being ‘lad rock’ like their critics will have you believe.

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