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As we continue our build up the inaugural Cosmosis Alternative Festival of Psychedelic Music and Arts in Manchester tomorrow, Far Out Magazine takes a look back to a chat we had with one of the headliners, The KVB.

If you’ve listened to much of the KVB before, then you may remember they merge the dystopian sounds of groups like HTRK with the wickedly disturbed vibes of krautrocker’s Neu! at the their most perverted (think super 16), often intertwining mechanical repetition, simplistic baselines and ear drum demolishing feedback with warped synth sojourns that manage to musically map the subconscious minds of nature’s most depraved individuals.

We spoke to Nick and Kat after their show at the Brudenell Social Club…

How did you find the gig?

Nick – Quite stressful, it nearly didn’t happen because of a technical fault with the mixing desk. We spent ours trying to fix it (doors delayed)

You played the ATP recently…

Kat – Best festival ever, it was so amazing. The sound was so loud that I made somebody’s eyes go fuzzy and their teeth shake! They stood right next to the speaker and we had a really good soundman and I wouldn’t have wanted to stand there personally.

Did you get to catch many of the bands at ATP?

Kat – Oh, Goat were such lovely people we where drinking with them for a bit, they where really fun, pretty much what they’re like on stage really.

It’s certainly an honour, an accolade to play the last one. How did that come about?

Kat – Absolutely, our manager sorted it out and it’s amazing to have been asked to play as Loop curated it.

We know you’ve been travelling the world with your tour recently, how do your crowds compare? I like to think that sounds just crawl out from under some iron curtain of some communist state.

Kat – Well, we did just play the Ukraine recently and because not many bands play there it becomes a bit of an occasion so it was a bit of a special moment.

Nick – Yeah, they like to take a lot of pictures.

Kat – Ukraine was so weird, we ended up shooting AK-47’s with Death In June.

Am I right in thinking you’re a couple?

Kat – Yeah, we’ve been a couple for three years.

Does it ever become stressful working together, touring together…

Kat – …living together! (Laughs) It has its moment’s, but we’re both pretty calm people so it’s completely fine.

Nick, I know you first started the band; did you have ay certain direction you set out to create? Did you know what kind of music you wanted to make?

Nick – No, not really. It was all just ideas, I was playing in another band at the time that was a bit more Goth and but more punk and the songs I wrote for KVB where initially songs for that band. That never really worked out so I started my own project on the side that eventually, became my own band.

Would you say the band has changed since Kat joined?

Nick – Yes and no, I dunno.

Kat – Well, maybe the instruments have since I joined but I’ve always remained strictly in control of the visual side and Nick writes the music.

What has inspired the KVB?

Nick – Musically it’s pretty diverse from bands in the 60’s, garage bands because that’s what I’m really about like The Seeds and Love and stuff like that.

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What are you listening to at the moment?

Nick – Holydrug couple’s album, Weekend, Samuel Kerridge,

You play pretty extensive tours, do you ever get to have a look around and experience the city that you’re in?

Kat – Yeah, occasionally. Like we said, we spent 4 days in Ukraine and for one of them we got to spend the day shooting AK-47’s.

Nick – yeah, sometimes it’s a little too long in a city!

Is there any gig from the tour that stands out?

Kat – We played in an old fort actually, It was the most incredible room, you didn’t even need reverb on your vocals because it was just so intense and we had the visuals all over the brickwork that gave it the most incredible texture.

We spoke to Moon Duo in the summer who’ve recently added a drummer to the band because they think it brings more to live performances. Is it something you’ve ever considered?

Kat – I don’t think that is necessarily true. I mean, we’ve just finished recording in Berlin with a live drummer just to see what extra dimensions of sound we could get but I really like the mechanic feel you get with a drum machine rather than an organic one.

Nick – I mean, we’re open to the idea…

Kat – Yeah, it’s something we might look to in the future.

Cheers guys!