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The Kinks are reuniting, Ray Davies confirms

Ray Davies, lead singer of the Kinks, has confirmed he is getting the band back together.

Davies, who is lead singer, rhythm guitarist and main songwriter for the band which he led with his younger brother, Dave says he made his decision to reunite the band having received a phone call from drummer Mick Avory. In a new interview with Chanel 4, he said that the band are “making a new album, inspired by the Rolling Stones.”

“We’re talking about it because I got all these songs that I wrote for them,” the 74-year-old added. “I think it’s kind of an appropriate time to do it.” Davies was then pushed into confirmed whether or not he intends to bring the band, he answered: “Officially we are, yes… In the pub later on.”

“I’ve got some great Kinks tunes in my head,” he said before confirming that the relationship between bandmates Mick Avory and his brother Dave Davies is in a good place and that both will be part of the reunion.

The Kinks have 14 studio albums to their name, the last coming 25 years ago in the shape of Phobia which did not feature drummer Avory and spelled the end for the band.