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The Kinks announce 50th anniversary release of 'Arthur Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire'

The Kinks have an illustrious history, and it’s a long one. To be able to boast of 50 years in the music business is something very few will ever do but The Kinks pass these milestones frequently. But that doesn’t mean they don’t celebrate, so to mark the 50th anniversary of the release of ‘Arthur Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire’ they’re issuing a new bumper pack of the seminal work.

The release is due out October 25th on BMG and includes some beautiful bonuses for big fans of The Kinks. From previously unreleased track ‘The Future’ to extra features including the brand new doo wop choir recordings, The Great Lost Dave Davies Solo Album, new Ray Davies remixes and a host of previously unreleased tracks.

The album was a masterpiece of it’s time and landed Ray Davies and the rest of the band in Hall of Fame territory even in 1969. Its themes and concept still ring true in today’s political climate and this announcement should at least be a reason to revisit the groundbreaking record.

In the midst of the ‘Arthur’ sessions, studio time was devoted to completing tracks for Dave Davies’ proposed solo album. The idea had progressed in staggered intervals since the initial success of Dave’s 1967 single, ‘Death Of A Clown’ but, ultimately, never reached completion.

“One of the reasons the album wasn’t finished was because I felt The Kinks’ management and record company were forcing me too much,” Dave reflects. I felt very comfortable being in The Kinks and it seemed fulfilling to be part of a band. I didn’t really want for more. I couldn’t see the point.”

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Ray says; “Hearing Dave’s songs again after all this time, I found them quite moving because they were like the back story of what The Kinks were going through at the time.”

So, what are you waiting for, pre-order this gem now! Listen to ‘Future’ below.