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The Kills have a rollercoaster of a new video


The Kills have a brand new video for their song ‘Impossible Tracks’, a video which sees Mosshart and Hince jumping on to a thrill ride and highlighting the lyrics throughout the song impeccably. They also take to other attractions at the Melbourne park.

“We’d always wanted to shoot there, so on our last tour down under, we took this fine opportunity,” says Mosshart in a press release, she continues “Welcome to off season…winter time, blistering bitter cold, the park to ourselves all day and night,” she says. ”The lights buzzing, the gears cranking, a hallucinatory stream of whiplash and spin. We shot between bursts of monsoon weather and crooked wind, we rode the rides, played the games, and lost ourselves in the mirror house. Enter in, the guts of the park, through the mouth of lights, Luna’s pearly teeth, past the big bad gaze of those glowing blue eyes. Buckle your belts and take the ride on ‘Impossible Tracks.’”

Take a look below to see all the fun of the fair.