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The Jesus and Mary Chain team up with Sky Ferreira for 'The Two Of Us'


The Jesus and Mary Chain asked Sky Ferreira to team up for a duet when they were scheduled to appear on the Stephen Colbert show. Being a gigantic fan, she duly obliged.

The performance had an electricity that many craved, their rendition of ‘The Two Of Us’ was joyous and dark in equal measure.

The band have done all those fans wet with glee at that performance enjoy the moment over and over again as they have released a studio version of the track with Miss Ferreira again involved in a stupendous duet.

The Scottish icons trade verses with the dark-eyed majesty of Ferreira and in doing so create a mix of light and dark which is perfectly in all its imperfections. Scuzzy and shiny it fills most gaps left between now and the band’s tour in September.

Take a listen below.