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The Interrupters - A Friend Like Me


Having one foot in the door of the L.A punk scene, already signed to Hellcat records and supporting Rancid and the Transplants on a U.S tour this September, The Interrupters, fronted by Aimee Interrupter and backed by the Bivona brothers, Kevin, Justin and Jesse, new single ‘A friend like me’ comes screaming for perhaps a time long gone in the minds of many. ‘A friend like me’ could quite easily belong to the British two-tone catalogue with The Specials, Madness and The Selecter, or the L.A punk scene of the 1990’s with Hellcat records team-mate Rancid.

Despite obvious comparisons to Rancid and The Distillers, who were once upon a time signed to Hellcat records, if the infectious drum roll that opens the song doesn’t get you in the mood, then the upbeat tempo definitely will have you skanking by the end.


The persona of Aime Interrupter is perhaps somewhere in the middle of No doubt’s singer, Gwen Stefani, (Yes, No Doubt, where once upon a time labelled with the Punk/Ska hybrid) with a slightly more aggressive vocal style and appearance but yet is like the younger sister of Brody Dale of the Distillers aspiring to please the family with a less frenetic, copycat performance.

The anthem-like chorus “I know, you won’t find a friend, No, you won’t find a friend, like me” will be a definite crowd pleaser, to Skinheads and Punks both old and new, after a few pints.

‘A friend like me’ will not, REPEAT NOT, have your parents screaming in disgust, well no it’s the not the 1950’s. But all in all, there is evidence of teenage rebellion and suffering hidden within the midst of this punk/ska crossover.

However, it remains hard not to compare ‘A friend like me’ with the works of Rancid and the vocal screams of The Distillers, but all in all this is not such a bad thing in a time of mass produced faulty pop.

Dom Wilson