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The Internet’s Steve Lacy shares new single 'N Side'

Steve Lacy, acclaimed guitarist, bassist, record producer and member of The Internet, is back with new music in the shape of his latest single ‘N Side’.

Back in 2017 Lazy released his first solo album, Steve Lacy’s Demo, in which he described the record himself as “a song series” having created most of the tracks on his iPhone, producing the guitar and bass arrangements and singing his vocals right into its built-in microphone.

The same slow, melodic R&B vibe with an automated drum has returned on Lacy’s latest offering ‘N Side’. The introduction of Lacy’s guitar and reverb ridden vocals certainly offers a lo-fi take on R&B and a style which Lacy has made his own.

While there’s no official word on where this track is leading Lacy in the bigger picture he did taker to social media to say, “2 solo albums finished” so there’s a good chance we’ll be hearing more in the future.

For now, with the karaoke version video, here’s the track: