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The History of Apple Pie - Tug


Yes I know what you’re thinking, I thought it too, but you’re wrong.

The thing is with The History of Apple Pie is you’ve already half judged them before you’ve even listened to them because of their simply nauseating name, the truth is though, they’re fucking good.

Tug is the first track from their debut full-length album Out Of View, self-produced by guitarist Jerome Watson, with a touch of musical quirk and guitar class from Joshua Third of The Horrors.

I must admit, I watched The history of Apple Pie about this time last year in Leeds and I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it, I mean, the shoegaze thing is very much on trend but at the time I didn’t really believe it, I found myself watching Stephanie Min thinking ‘she’s really interesting, but is she good enough?’

Looking back, I lament those imprudent thoughts and tip my cap to the London-based five-piece. The band has matured, as has the song writing combination of Stephanie Min and Jerome Watson. To watch, Min is as captivating as the likes of Thom Yorke to whom she inspires to replicate.

So often mentioned in the same breath as London compatriots Yuck, both sharing the appetite for 90’s grunge with a sprinkling of shoegaze psychedelica. The History of Apple Pie will be keen I’m sure to shake off this affiliation to forge their own sound, something Out Of View is destined to do.

Lee Thomas-Mason