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The Hipshakes share raucous punk-rock of 'T-Shirt'

Manchester punk outfit The Hipshakes have unveiled a new track that is a swashbuckling piece of punk-rock.

‘T-Shirt’ is certainly not reinventing the wheel, but with such vigour and energy, why would it need to? This is a smash and grab piece of rock ‘n’ roll that arrives, spits and snarls its way through two minutes of exhuberance, and then tears off into the night leaving no trace.

The track is taken from the upcoming album Sounds We Found, with the Bakwell band – who recently supported Menace Beach – expected to pull out a lot more where this came from when the full record lands. Fans of Parquet Courts, Pissed Jeans and The Black Lips will surely dig this.

Anyone Londoners hoping to catch the band in their purest form can do so when they hit up the live stage at the Shackwell Arms next week or at the Castle Hotel in Manchester, April 8th.

But until then enjoy, and listen to ‘T-Shirt’ via Bandcamp below.

Patrick Davies