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The Higher Planes - Run, Save Yourself


Around about this time last week, a feverish few members of the Far Out collective were coming down with a serious case of post festival blues,and today’s featured unsigned Sunday band are prolonging the feeling, but no one’s sad round here, I promise. In a bout of well timed divine guidance The Higher Planes, like prophets, dropped down to the Cosmosis festival of Psychedelia in Manchester with a important message to project, and I perceived it as this: don’t forget your roots.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority in attendance can’t remember these cosmic minded, blues beaten troubadours playing, despite being quite literally under their noses. In no way could i blame them, for if it wasn’t the allure of mind altering antics and terrific music  acting as beautiful smokescreen, then location also proved distracting; The Higher Planes were nowhere near the main stages, donned by the likes of Warlocks, KVB and Cosmic Dead on this occasion, in fact quite the contraire, more like a smoking area disguised and re – branded by the skilled quirks of the musically quintessential.

I’ve been trying to kick the habit lately but the prospect of sparking up leading to such sublime artistic discovery as a result, only hands yet another excuse to continue.