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The Growlers - Humdrum Blues


If there is one band to banish the small town blues by painting songs melancholy violet whilst simultaneously chilling out your thoughts and anger to the point of brain freeze it’s those boys from Long Beach, CA; The Growlers. ‘Humdrum Blues’ is Far Out’s Track of the Day and on another typically average British summer day it provides the long cool refreshing drink it promises with it’s first scorch marked vocals.

This song is typical Growlers territory, full of intelligent lyrics and simple themes (normally love letters of some description) but still with enough pranged out twerks and jerks of Matt Taylor’s guitar to feel edgy. Long have The Growlers been an office favourite with their merging of surf rock apathy and country blues grit and whiskey. ‘Humdrum Blues’ is yet more confirmation of their ubiquitous position.

A couple of thousand days of heavy emotion, it’s enough to know a woman as well as a man can” – Humdrum Blues 

The Growlers seem to be in a genre of their own. Although they clearly favour a 60’s revival of surf rock and skiffle they also carry enough backwards baseball caps to not be alienating the youth; just enlightening the youth. Now as their music develops we see less skiffle and “Mom and Pop” lyrics which pleased so many old aged cynics turn and develop into sound bending and star filled eyes of hedonism.

But really and simply this is the kind of track that needs no back story, it could be from about five different generational eras and reside in 20 different pointless sub-genres. The Growlers have produced a gloriously sunny song about small town blues, set to a back drop of tin made guitars and nostalgic recording bliss to create a timeless sound, one which is demonstrated here, perfectly.


Jack Whatley