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(Credit: Denise Jans)


The government confirms that UK cinemas may reopen in July


Boris Johnson’s Conservative government has confirmed that plans to reopen UK cinemas have earmarked a potential date in early July.

While the UK has the current second-highest death toll in the world with numbers still increasing on a daily basis, the government has detailed plans to ease the current coronavirus lockdown which were delivered in a speech made by the Prime Minister.

Now, in a follow-up to Johnson’s somewhat confusing speech, the government has released a 60-page document entitled ‘Our Plan to Rebuild’. In it, the Tories detail plans that could see public cinemas open by July 4th.

In Step Three of the plan, cinemas and other “leisure facilities” are labelled as part of a “high-risk” group of businesses that will be the last to reopen from July 4 onwards. “The ambition at this step is to open at least some of the remaining businesses and premises that have been required to close, including […] leisure facilities (like cinemas),” the document explains.

Cinemas are grouped alongside businesses such as hairdressers and beauty salons as well as personal care businesses, hospitality venues, pubs, public places and places of worship.

“Some venues which are, by design, crowded and where it may prove difficult to enact distancing may still not be able to re-open safely at this point, or may be able to open safely only in part,” the plan continues. “Nevertheless, the government will wish to open as many businesses and public places as the data and information at the time allows.”

The plan also explains that all business will be forced to “meet the COVID-19 Secure guidelines” and “may still not be able to re-open safely at this point, or may be able to open safely only in part”.

Read the full document here.