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(Credit: Solay Elibol / Press)


The Golden Age of TV share new song 'What I've Been Through'

The Golden Age of TV - 'What I've Been Through'

Leeds indie rockers The Golden Age of TV have shared their latest song, the angular and souped-up ‘What I’ve Been Through’.

A densely packed guitar rocker that takes unexpected turns every couple seconds or so, ‘What I’ve Been Through’ is filled with wild six-string freakouts, dynamic shifts, and crashing drums. As the song careens and crashes into its different sections in a seemingly haphazard manner, every strangely discordant note or blast of distortion sends you reeling back and forth like a sonic rollercoaster ride. It all serves the song’s narrative, which takes on some weighty subjects.

“’What I’ve Been Through’ is a statement, of sorts, from the perspective of someone who’s experienced sexual violence,” says singer Bea Fletcher. “Certain situations can trigger angry, defensive reactions, which for others may seem over-the-top. It’s my honest outburst, explaining and releasing those feelings of rage. A song asking for nothing more than to be heard and believed. ‘To put it simply I’ve seen that look before.’ If you know, you know.”

The song also comes with a quirky DIY-esque video referencing some old-timey rear projection car chases of cinema’s past. “The lyrics are written as a fictional scenario in which a victim becomes violent towards their perpetrator,” Fletcher adds. “We imagined it as a verbal statement given to a noir detective which played into the idea for the video being a fun ‘on the run’ car chase.” 

Honestly, there seems to be a bit of a disconnect between the intensity of the song and the goofiness of the video, but that’s neither here nor there. The Golden Age of TV are cranking out solid indie rock at a furious pace, with ‘What I’ve Been Through’ representing just the most recent success in the band’s ever-growing discography.

Check out the video for ‘What I’ve Been Through’ down below.