The Gaslight Anthem address allegations of sexual assault at comeback shows


The Gaslight Anthem have responded to claims that members of the audience attending their comeback shows were victims of sexual assault.

The band took to social media to address what they described as “abhorrent” actions after a number of fans of gig-goers claimed that they were assaulted during the band’s recent ’59 Sound’ anniversary tour.

“To our Gaslight family: We’ve been angered and saddened to hear reports of sexual assault and harassment in the audience at our shows”, the band wrote.

“From the very beginning of this band, we have strived to create a positive and safe environment for our fans. This kind of abhorrent behaviour can not and will not be tolerated at our shows.

“It’s clear that this disturbing trend is on the rise in our industry, and that ignoring or dismissing the problem sends a very clear message to perpetrators that they can get away with their behaviour. As a result, we want to help to shine a light on the issue and ask our fans to do the same.

“We’ve reached out to the authorities and the venues that were involved in these incidents.”