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The Gametes come at us with 'Stuck In A Turnstile'

A track brought to our attention very recently by the RIP Records Introducing Series was the wonderfully droll and totally infectious The Gametes and their brand new track ‘Stuck In A Turnstile’. The song rings out like a post-modern anthem and centres around the titular experience.

Having only formed in 2017 the band have managed to find a perfect fit for their Parquet Courts-esque humour and delivery, using socially wry lyricism and a nose for an indie hook, the quartet could really be on to something.

The twanging vocal, expertly crafted in brisbane, does a lot to se the band apart but it is their lyrics which makes them both humorous and enthralling. Despite its simple construction the song is an instant toe-tapper and quite clearly The Gametes are, at the moment at least, a band for people in the know.

So, now you know.