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The Friendsters release new song 'AWOL'


Sydney band The Friendsters couldn’t be more perfect for an afternoon swilling sugary tea and doodling on your notepad as you try to recall the broken images of last night into one singular shot of ‘Saturday’. For that job and our Unsigned Sunday selection, we’ve picked the band and their track ‘AWOL’.

More often than not when trying to recall a fuzzy night your mind tends to flicker between small pieces of memory and the white noise your conscience places between them. The Friendsters lie somewhere between the two; a blissful and sun promised black hole that is equally enlightening and damning, engaging and distrusting but mainly very, very good.

Candid in their content they aren’t afraid to straddle the indie-pop horse which can so often gallop a band into the sunset but every now and then, has a habit of riding off cliffs if not handled properly. Luckily because of their conscientious approach, the band needn’t worry about bolting horses and, instead, they can concentrate on the heartfelt music we have come to love.

Veracious in delivery and potential, the band remove all conceited allegations with just a few chords and the melting, and at times breaking, vocals which epitomise the musings of artists rather than a band concerned with ‘making it’.

Landing somewhere between a dishevelled Blondie and a slimmed-down, straightened up New York Dolls, they possess great musicianship without necessarily demonstrating it. Raggedly pretty and capable of creating and delivering whatever mood that finds them, The Friendsters look likely to have a strong career ahead of them if they keep releasing tracks like ‘AWOL’.

A rough diamond but still just as sparkling.