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The Foetals share new song 'The World Isn't That Big'

Sometimes when the sun is shining and the wind is at your back, there’s no better thing than a good old pop tune. I’m not talking Bieber, Jepsen or Perry I am talking Lennon, Davies and Wilson. The Foetals have just brightened our day with newest track ‘The World Isn’t That Big’.

Timeless sonics meet a gradual and sunny disposition to encapsulate an ambiguous sentiment. It’s a perfect fit for a beaming autumnal morning, filled with the crisp air, the crunch of a leaf or two and the undeniable chill that hides in the undercurrent.

Melting garage rock tones with 60’s pop is nothing new, but doing it with such authenticity is particularly impressive, The Foetals manage to complete this with ease. ‘The World Isn’t That Big’ is taken from the upcoming LP Meet The Foetals which is out on December 4th via PNKSLM Recordings.

We don’t think there is better song for this morning, but don’t take our (esteemed) word for it, have a listen and let us know.