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The Foetals share new single 'Malted' alongside debut album news


The Foetals bring ‘Nothing’


The Foetals, the project from front man of The Pink Teens and member of Francis’ Lung; Jolan Lewis, is something of an enigma. Not in its content, newest track ‘Nothing’ proves the sound is entirely endearing and charming, the wonderment comes from trying to define its age.

Sounding like it has been plucked straight from a 60’s back room sweat box he gently takes us on a course of ‘how to write a pop song’ with every simple stroke of his guitar. A modern pop song with the sensibilities which made the 60s so fruitful embellished with a touch of punk attitude.

Making good songs sound simple is simply brilliant and Lewis’ does it better than most. If your head is a little rough this is the best medicine. Take this two to three times with a bacon sarnie and you’re perfect.