(Credit: Flaming Lips)

The Flaming Lips confirm new live album and a collaboration with Deap Valley


The Flaming Lips have released information about their next big projects as they plot a live album release and a new collaboration with Deap Valley.

While appearing on Kyle Meredith With…, the Consequence of Sound podcast series, the band’s frontman Wayne Coyne explained that the release of a live record taken from their 2016 concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater has been given the go-ahead.

On top of that, Coyne explained that Californian garage rock group Deap Valley has been in the studio with The Flaming Lips, Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards just one of many musicians who the band are hoping to work closely with.

“We always have a lot of things going on. In November, we’ve got a long-awaited one: The Flaming Lips playing with the Denver Symphony Orchestra live at Red Rocks Amphitheater,” Coyne said in the interview. “That’s finally coming out. It was recorded in 2016. We have a couple [of] albums that we’ve recorded with some other people, too. There’s a duo of a guitar player and a drummer called Deep Valley. These two girls came out about two years ago now that we started working on music together. That record is going to come out.

“It’s The Flaming Lips and Deep Valley, but I’m not positive what we’re going to call it yet, but that record’s coming out. And then I think by next summer we have another Flaming Lips album. It’s really shaping up to be great, great — really stumbled upon some unique songs and stuff. We’re still working on that and will be working on it through October and November. But we should know pretty soon if we’re able to finish that in time. There’s always a lot of things going on. That’s the way our life is: we’re always recording, we’re always writing songs, we’re always making things up, we’re always being involved with other artists. It’s the greatest life you could think of.”

Listen to the full interview, here.