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(Credit: Guimi)


The first-ever album recorded by an unborn baby to be released

Popular culture seems to be getting more and more juvenile these days. Mozart may have only been five-years-old when he composed his first piece, but the pompadour prodigy creating a stir in the concert halls of Vienna is not quite the same as ‘Baby Shark’ breaking the charts. Not to hark on and sound like a curmudgeonly old fuddy-duddy, but when the as-yet-unborn are producing records, it is perhaps a warning sign that the dumbing-down has gone too far.

Luca Yupanqui’s debut album ‘Sounds Of The Unborn’ was perceived and recorded by the infant multi-instrumentalist while she was still firmly in her mother’s womb, taking the ‘gifted child’ notion to previously unthought-of new levels.

Yupanqui is the child of musicians Elizabeth Hart, bassist from the experimental psychedelia band Psychic Ills, and Iván Diaz Mathé. The couple formed the band Tierra Del Fuego recently and now the then-sub-infant daughter has a release of her own too.

The album was recorded using biosonic MIDI technology, which converts the baby’s in utero movements into sound waves. The technology was strapped to Hart’s stomach, transcribing the vibrations therein into Mathé’s synthesiser.

It is music in its very rawest form and now the happy and healthy little daughter gets to listen to the tune of her own metal days.

Sounds of The Unborn, which turns out to be the most literal punk-rock-sounding title, is set for release on April 2 via Sacred Bones Records.