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The Fauns - Lights


The Fauns are a proper band, a band with old fashioned principles and the phrase “build it and they will come” has never been more accurate when describing how this Bristol bunch have gone about their business.

After recording and producing their own debut album The Fauns didn’t try to whore themselves out on every social media site available, they didn’t have PR agencies sending five emails a day describing how they’re ‘the next big thing,’ they wrote music and played gigs until the ‘cult’ gathering followed and it’s fucking refreshing.

For me personally, that’s the biggest compliment to pay this band, they’re not only creating solid organic foundations for themselves, they’re sending out a message to every unsigned act out there that you don’t need to rely on being picked up by record label who can turn you into rock stars overnight and throw some mega money at you.

All the hard work paid off for the dreamy shoegaze band, their popularity caught the eye of  Steve Lamacq’s BBC Radio 6 show and since they’ve never looked back.  Now teaming up with Portishead man Geoff Barrow’s Invada for their ‘difficult’ second album I’m sure the biggest challenge for them will be trying to keep hold of the seeds of their original sound in completely foreign surroundings of a recording studio, not to mention the four years that have now passed since their debut record.

With that being said their most recent release and our track of the day, ‘Lights’ is a complete triumph and I’m sure, as their name suggests, will lead them to be a different class of rural gods, just without the man with goat’s horns… Or with, maybe.

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