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The Family Rain - Reason To Die

The Bath born rockers have come back with a full throttle, heavier than iron, riff fuelled headbanger with Reason To Die. Released on EMI and destined to filled radio stations with it’s take on an epic rock song, The Family Rain are showing the possess all the keys to unlock the oak doors of the British conscience. 

When we last covered this band of brothers we sketched out their family plan, which consisted of writing all encompassing rock, playing energy spiked shows and ending it all in the Peyote stained sun, well they’ve definitely done the first two.

Reason To Die is another reason to love this band. Full of QOSTA riffs and Alex Turner inspired lyrics The Family Rain are trying to skip the awkward immaturity stage and jump straight to rock legends.


If this track is a testament of what’s to come from the impending album then be ready to have your ears bleed as these boys are heavier than a cartoon anvil and as tough as a bull’s nose ring.

“Pull out your wisdom teeth, let you bleed from the gum. I’ll break you into pieces until you come undone.”

The bass is full and meaty which gives the wild guitars space to wreak havoc across the track and still leave enough room for a storming chorus.  The Family Rain to reside in that Americana tinged genre of Desert Rock, keeping heavy rock sensibilities with a lost and lonely blend of lyrics and direction.

Basically, if you like rock music and you have functioning ears then this Bath band of brothers hold the key to your summer time musical happiness, but be careful it’s a heavy fucking key.

By Jack Whatley