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The extremely disturbing 'Russian Sleep Experiment' is being made into a horror film


A few years ago, one of the most disturbing Creepypasta urban myths began to circulate on the internet regarding something labelled the ‘Russian Sleep Experiment’. 

The story, as it goes, claims that a group of Soviet researchers used an experimental stimulant in the 1940s in order to keep five people awake for 15 consecutive days.

The tale has also taken the name of the Orange SodaRussian Sleep Experiment, an adaptation that came off the back of a novel written by an unknown author who told the tale of “five test subjects being exposed to an experimental sleep-inhibiting stimulant in a Soviet-era scientific experiment.”

Now, this story has been picked up by director Barry Andersson who has recruited Chris to star in the film. Having already started filming, the production has named the feature The Soviet Sleep Experiment.

“Andersson has pulled together an ensemble cast of international actors to tell this suspenseful story of a married research team who, under watch of the Red Army, set out to study the effects of forced sleep deprivation on four patients locked inside an observation chamber for 30 days,” the press release explains. 

Argentinian actress Eva De Dominici, best known for her role in You Shall Not Sleep, will play the role of Dr. Anna Antonoff. Rafal Zawierucha, the man tasked with playing Roman in Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, will play  Leo Antonoff. 

On top of that, The USSR Captain Yegor Sokolov is played by Russian actor Evgeny Krutov who has also landed a role in Stranger Things Season 3. 

Andersson is hopeful to have the film finished by spring 2019.