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(Credit: CyCy Sanders)


The Drums frontman Jonny Pierce releases 14-minute meditation song ‘Take Yer Meds’


Jonny Pierce, the lead vocalist of The Drums, has shared a 14-minute guided meditation track in response to the current coronavirus pandemic.

The track, which features an amalgamation of ocean sounds, electric guitar and Pierce’s vocals arrives after the musician “wanted to sort of turn the whole thing inside-out (or outside-in) and do a mediation where we are actually focusing on specific themes.”

While millions of people around the globe remain in lockdown amid strict social distancing measures, Pierce has offered an alternative take on the current trend of artists uploaded new material online.

“I feel a lot of us, myself included, have seen this COVID-19 bullshit as a sort of awakening, a sacred stillness that offers an opening for deep spiritual shifts to occur,” Pierce explained in a statement.

Adding: “I’ve been spending a lot of time examining and honouring all the things that make me human and I’ve been wanting to offer something helpful during this precarious time we are all in.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the song in its entirety below.