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(Credit: Elektra Records-Joel Brodsky)


The Doors marvellously perform 'Light My Fire' in rare footage from 1967

The Doors, led by the enigmatic Jim Morrison, were an unstoppable prolific force in the late 1960s. Producing stupendously proficient records non-stop since their breakthrough with their 1967 debut, the self-titled record immediately caught the attention of hearts and minds across the world who fell in love with the dosage of psychedelia on offer.

The 1967 effort is a formidable piece of art, one which is up there as being one of the ultimate classic albums of all time. The project spawned a wealth of tracks which would become some of their most loved by their adoring fan base, arguably none more so than the with excellent ‘Light My Fire’ which launched them into the stratosphere.

The track led to The Doors becoming the iconic group they would go on to become, a moment which played into the hands of commercial radio by chopping it down by two-thirds in a bid for airplay. This dramatic change to the song was nothing short of a success which saw ‘Light My Fire’ top the Billboard Chart and enter various charts all around the world.

“We had that huge problem with the time length – seven-and-a-half minutes. Nobody could figure out how to cut it. Finally, I said to (Paul A.) Rothchild, ‘Nobody can cut it but you.’ When he cut out the solo, there were screams,” Elektra founder Jaz Holzman recalled to Mojo magazine. “Except from Jim. Jim said, ‘Imagine a kid in Minneapolis hearing even the cut version over the radio, it’s going to turn his head around.’ So they said, ‘Go ahead, release it.’ We released it with the full version on the other side.”

Jim Morrison’s logic would be proved to be right as ‘Light My Fire‘ opened the doors for kids all over the world to get their first accessible taste of psychedelia. Following the unprecedented success of the song, The Doors were then invited on to a whole host of TV shows in America to promote the record including this footage from The Jonathan Winters Show.

Their performance was a true spectacle which involved the use of trippy visuals near the end which make it decades before it’s time in that regard. Imagine being a teenager in 1967, innocently watching the programme at home and being introduced to this mindblowing performance by The Doors in this sensational style.

Take in The Doors hallucinating performance of the timeless ‘Light My Fire’ on The Jonathan Winters Show, below.