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(Credit: Elektra Records-Joel Brodsky)


Watch The Doors perfect performance of 'Hello, I Love You' at the Hollywood Bowl in 1968


We’re dipping into the Far Out Magazine vault to bring you a very special performance from one of the 1960s greatest performers as The Doors let it rip back in 1968.

One of the most enigmatic performers to have ever graced the stage, the late, great Jim Morrisson delivers one of his most dynamic performances ever in the clip below. Watch he and The Doors perform ‘Hello, I Love You’ at the Hollywood Bowl.

The concert was one of many that saw The Doors and their growing grandeur as one of the counter-culture movement’s most influential figures continue to grow. By 1968, as the Summer of Love looked set to last forever, there wasn’t a band who could get any higher than The Doors. Their album from that year Waiting For The Sun was asserting their dominance on both sides of the pond.

It would be the first album to chart in the UK, charting inside the top 20 and being certified gold not long after. While in Britain they may have been considered a luxury act, in America they were the essential leaders of a generation. The foreword of the counterculture movement was written by Morrison, Ray Manzarek, Robby Kreiger and John Densmore.

Fitting, then, that the band would take to one of the most prominent stages of the entire United States just a day after Independence Day to deliver a blistering performance. Arriving at the Los Angeles venue, a hometown gig for the LA natives, the band were emboldened by the swell of hysteria which seemed to follow them (and perhaps more notably Morrisson) wherever they went.

By all accounts, the performance was one of their best and most memorable. Not because Morrison exposed his penis, or swore at cops or incited any riot of any sort. No, this one is memorable because it sees The Doors as tight and effective as they had ever been. It’s a performance which perfectly distils everything that made the band so vitally important to a generation.

It’s such a prominent set in the timeline of The Doors that not only was the gig recorded for a terrific live album in 1987 but was soon delivered as a concert film too, capturing their majesty. The clip below is from that film and sees The Doors performing their epic hit ‘Hello, I Love You’.

The band is as well-oiled and mechanically perfect as they ever were and Morrison reciprocates in kind precisely laying his luscious vocals across the growing power of Ray Manzarek and co. The band are a pulsating and engaging watch.

The clip acts as a reminder of The Doors at the height of their power and Jim Morrison at his dynamic best as they perform ‘Hello, I Love You’ at the Hollywood Bowl in 1968.