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Credit: Gerald Fearnley/ACC Edition


The 'David Bowie Is' exhibit will become a VR experience


Having recently been lucky enough to catch one of the most powerful music exhibits I have ever witnessed in Brooklyn, we are thrilled to announce that the ‘David Bowie Is’ exhibit will soon be available as a VR experience to everyone.

The exhibit which chronicled the music, art and completed creative journey of the legendary late David Bowie has now officially closed after being hosted in 12 international cities over six years.

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However, a complete VR version of the exhibit will be available to all compatible smartphones. Users will be able to enjoy a series og audio-visual spaces and explore 3D scans of the Bowie memorabilia. They’ll will even have the chance to virtually try some of the enigmatic costumes on! After its initial VR launch, ‘David Bowie Is’ will undergo a redesign before it’s available on all major VR platforms in the spring.

The project has now been given the full go-ahead and will see the app launch on all compatible smartphones on January 8th, 2019 to mark what would’ve been Bowie’s 72nd Birthday.

More information is available at David Bowie is Real.

News of the project comes as a result from the partnership of Sony Music Entertainment Inc., the David Bowie Archive, Planeta, and London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit the V&A as well as Brooklyn Museum.