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(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)


Listen Robert Smith's remarkable isolated vocal on The Cure song 'Friday I'm In Love'


With another weekend passing us by without live music, we’re dipping back into the Far Out archives to explore the iconic goth-pop gem ‘Friday I’m In Love’ from The Cure. Most importantly, we’re focusing on Robert Smith’s charming isolated vocal.

It can be easy to forget with a band like The Cure, whose cultural iconography is rooted in their image and genre-bending hits, just how important Robert Smith’s vocal tone was to their success.

The singer has always been widely noted as a gifted songwriter. Smith managed to do what no other musician has done since and that’s bridge the gap between light and dark. With the dark post-punk roots of their early beginnings morphing into the goth-candy that would shoot them into pop stardom, The Cure’s songs transcend like any other. A lot of that transcendence comes from Smith’s stunning vocal.

When speaking with Guitar World, Smith opened up about the track he said: “I remember driving home one Friday afternoon to have the weekend off. And I started to think of this really great chord sequence. I was about 20 minutes away from the studio. So I turned around, went back to the studio and everyone was still there. We actually recorded it that Friday night.”

Adding: “So from then on it was always just called ‘Friday’. Then, when I came to do the words for it, I thought, why don’t I do a song about that Friday feeling? It’s a thing you have at school, and lots of people work at jobs they don’t really enjoy. So that Friday afternoon feeling is something you look forward to.”

It’s that feeling that Smith employs on the shining vocal for ‘Friday I’m In Love’. The singer outweighs his dour demeanour with a performance that shakes the cobwebs, broadens your smile and lets you sing and scream until your lungs give out. It makes for a life-enriching listen and one we suggest you follow up with a dose of the full track to compound the point.

Until recently the isolated vocal for this song was best left at the door. It was scratchy and unpolished, that was until recently when this little gem was uploaded to YouTube by user Roman Arana. It allows Smith’s vocals the space they deserve as he guides us into the weekend.

So below, sit back and listen to Robert Smith’s shining isolated vocal on The Cure’s song about “that Friday Feeling”, ‘Friday I’m In Love’ below.