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Credit: YouTube


The Cure performs 'In Between Days' on the Old Grey Whistle Test, 1985


In 1985, The Cure had finally started to receive the recognition they deserved. Following the release of lead single ‘In Between Days’ from their sixth record The Head On The Door which amalgamated incredible excitement for the album — The Cure had become global headline stars.

The track cemented the band’s place in the hearts of people not just in Britain, where the band had already been adored for a while, but now Robert Smith and co. started to gain more prominence across the world. The Head On The Door charted at number 75 in the US, which was their first American chart entry and has since been certified gold in the States, UK & France.

“I bought a good metal six-string acoustic, and as soon as I picked it up I started playing the chords to ‘In Between Days,'” Robert Smith told Rolling Stone in 2004. “I’d never really bothered playing one, because I’d never owned a good one.”

‘In Between Days’ would be the match needed to light The Cure’s relationship with America that has been more than kind to the band over the last 35 years. The iconic British group received the ultimate accolade for any band in 2019 when Trent Reznor inducted them into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame — which is the pinnacle for any band in the States.

In the UK, the band were already loved with ‘In Between Days’ becoming the band’s ninth chart single and their fourth consecutive Top 20 hit. There was something special about The Cure that made them feel like relatable outsiders from a small town that gave the band that connection with their fans that was unlike anything that American bands could offer.

The Cure’s look and their sound were a juxtaposition with their beautiful tones being the opposite of what you would expect to come from the gothic Robert Smith led group — we are all walking contradictions however which made the band even more relatable.

‘In Between Days’ is one of their definitive songs and is almost impossible to listen to without raising a smile, this live version from the Old Grey Whistle Test is the perfect way to immediately lift your mood.

Take two-minutes and forty-five seconds out of your day to watch this incredible clip, below.