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Listen to The Cure song 'Friday I'm In Love' transformed with incredible 8D audio


While we are all currently stuck at home amid a strict social distancing lockdown all across the globe, we have been forced to explore new means of entertainment.

With live music nothing but a distant memory and with no signs of change occurring anytime soon, a new online phenomenon has swept the world as ‘8D audio’ offers a completely unique take on the sonic experience. Shifting the sound from left to right and back again, 8D music allows the listening to submerge themselves deeper into the sound of the material.

While the craze began with a universally shared WhatsApp message, which came with an accompanying house music track, has now transcended into a wide-ranging online movement with numerous iconic songs from the past being brought forward into the present. “Listen to this song with headphones (put on the 2 headphones). It is the new music of the Pentatonix, composed of 8D technology. Listen to it only with headphones,” the original message advised.

The technology, on a physiological level, attempts to tap into a sensation of hearing a binaural recording. “It will be the first time that you will listen to that song with your brain and not with your ears,” the message continues. “You will feel the music from outside and not from the headphones. Feel the effects of this new technology.”

Here at Far Out we have been enthralled by this technology and one track which has been modernised that has blown us away is the 8D version of The Cure’s ‘Friday I’m In Love‘. Close your eyes, put your headphones on and feel like you’re being transported to the Pyramid Stage of Glastonbury in 2018 for a sermon delivered by Robert Smith.

The euphoric number originally appeared on the band’s ninth studio album Wish in 1992 and found it’s way to Number 6 in the UK singles charts making it one of The Cure’s biggest hits despite them being nine records in. Speaking to Spin Magazine, Robert Smith said about the decision to make an undeniably upbeat track, saying: “‘Friday I’m In Love’ is a dumb pop song, but it’s quite excellent actually because it’s so absurd. It’s so out of character – very optimistic and really out there in happy land. It’s nice to get that counterbalance. People think we’re supposed to be leaders of some sort of ‘gloom movement.’ I could sit and write gloomy songs all day long, but I just don’t see the point.”

The track would endear the band to an audience who had previously may have typecast the band and assumed they would not be their cup of tea, but after hearing the first blissful summery chords of ‘Friday I’m In Love’ they were won over and The Cure had found themselves an army of new fans.

Listen to ‘Friday I’m In Love‘ in 8D like you’ve never heard the classic before, below.