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The Cult Of Dom Keller - Black Pullet Blues

Storms, as dark, treacherous and frightening as they may be, can in fact be beautiful; there’s nothing like the vivacious angry appeal of Mother Nature when she’s pissed off and proceeds to dash bolts of lightning across a merciful sky, and we can only marvel at the way she flaunts her power with rounds upon rounds of grenade esque rain reinforced by locomotive speed winds. Mother Nature is the dominatrix and earth the willing receiver of sultry, sadomasochism of the elements, and each crack of the weather whip reminds us we are but mere mortals and her say really is the final one, no matter how much money we have, how big the building we reside in is or how smart we think we are.

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You might be wondering what on earth this has to do with the Far Out Track of the Day. Well, take the above paragraph and apply it to the sound of ‘Black Pullet Blues’ by The Cult of Dom Keller and I sincerely hope it all falls into place.

Formed in Nottingham UK, 2008 The Cult of Dom Keller are a band of psychedelic minstrels marauding across the sonic landscape with tunes reminiscent of the recently revived space rock group Loop, tinted with shades of warped blues rock and sprinkled with brilliant essence of Spacemen 3 whilst dipping into the tantalising production techniques of Amorphous Androgynous and Death In Vegas. Imagine Muddy Waters on acid, imagine a sound track to some profound moment of awakening, imagine dying and being reborn and you can fully understand The Cult Of Dom Keller.

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Because it’s the weekend and we’re so into this band at Far Out, Saturday’s Track of the Day turns tracks of the day and the two combine to magical affect, the latter being taken from the group’s most recent album release ‘The Second Bardo’. You can catch this lot and their kaleidoscopic live shows in Leeds on the 2nd April and London on the 3rd before they melt into a European tour. See them.

Joshua Hevicon

Fuck it, I can’t help myself, here’s another, and arguably the best, one.