The Cribs Release B-Side 'Orange Rattle Star'


Those Wakefield lads have debuted their b-side to ‘For All My Sisters’ which grabs you by the knackers and keeps The Cribs ship a-sailing with its pop laden hooks and triumvirate of power. Each brother delivering their skills with impeccable aptitude. ‘Orange Star Rattle’ rattle may be a b-side but that doesn’t matter to the band

“We have always believed that B-sides are a really important part of our output as a band,” They say. “They are frequently held up as favourites by our die-hard fans, so we have always made every effort to make sure that each of our single releases are accompanied by brand new tracks.”

It’s weirdly the first single that the band have not recorded all-together, with the track being split between New York, Portland and Leeds the band each added their own parts before sewing together a piece of indie-pop tapestry, embroidered with the band’s typical charm and style.