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The Cribs - Our Bovine Public


Remember The Cribs? Yeah so do we, and so did the thousands that turned out to break Y Not Festival’s record as the largest crowd the event had ever seen.

The Wakefield brothers have never been short of compliments, and without doubt, you’ll struggle to find a band in Britain that plays a more exhilarating and genuine live set⁠—but it has been a weird few years for The Cribs.

The last two albums have failed to reach the dizzy heights of acclaim that ‘Men’s Needs, Women’s needs, whatever’ set. That in itself is not particularly a surprise, the third album had an arsenal of singles that will fire you straight into nostalgic teenage thoughts, ‘Our Bovine Public’, ‘I’m A realist’ and ‘Moving Pictures’ but to name a few.

Along the way, though, The Cribs managed to pick up extra guitarist to play a couple of gigs and it turns out that guitarist hung around for a bit longer like one of your mates who ‘needs a place to crash for a couple of nights’ and we all know how that turns out two months later. Oh, and the extra guitarist was Johnny Marr.

The Johnny Marr experiment didn’t really work and it’s difficult for me to say that as a genuine Smiths lover and an all-around fan of Marr himself. The Cribs are brilliant at what they do, they stage dive, they fall over and they bleed from the mouth because Ryan Jarman is hitting his face on the mic too hard. It just felt like they’d lost a little bit of that recklessness that set them apart under Marr’s musical influence.

Despite Johnny Marr claiming Ignore the Ignorant is “as good as anything I’ve ever done”⁠—he was lying. It feels like The Cribs have disappeared off the radar a little bit and like the band are becoming better known because of Ryan’s appearances on Never Mind the Buzzcocks rather than making music.

But, fear not. The Cribs are back and back with a thunderous bang as they defied the electrical storm that threatened their show at Y Not. The Jarman brothers are touring again with their ‘new-ish’ record ‘Payola’ exhibiting their most popular singles.

Thankfully though, it’s not a greatest hits album just yet. The release is to commend ten years as a band and they took the bold decision to leave out some of the most successful tracks in favour of the fans favourites.

On that note, here’s my favourite.