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(Credit: The Cribs)


The Cribs hint at new music with cryptic post

The Cribs have got cryptic on social media as they hint that new music is finally on the horizon from the Wakefield band of brothers.

The Jarman brothers haven’t released anything since the Steve Albini produced 24-7 Rockstar Shit, which was released in 2017, and have been relatively quiet since then with the trio not playing live since the summer of 2018.

The band have changed their profile and cover photos on social media platforms to what looks like the potential new cover art. In addition to this, drummer Ross Jarman also posted a screenshot of their updated Twitter page on his personal profile.

Speaking to Far Out last summer about the band’s radio silence of late, Ross said: “The band’s been on hiatus, we’ve just had a lot of stuff to sort out, like historic stuff, but it’s been nice having a year off since the band started we haven’t really had time off we’ve always been playing festivals.”

“We’ve had a lot of offers from festivals this year that have been hard to turn down, but I feel like if you’re a band whose just around all the time doing festivals—and the same one—even to us it’s boring, so it must be boring for everyone else. We just needed to disappear for while so it never feels like a job or anything. That’s the thing y’know, just having some time at home and wanting to go out and gig because you feel the urge to do it rather than you have to do it. It’s different but I think it’s healthy for us y’know,” Jarman continued.

Check out his cryptic post, below.