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The Cribs - Leadmill, Sheffield

As an eight night, UK tour nears an end, The Cribs come to the Sheffield, for their only Yorkshire stop off on the roadshow.

Plenty it seemed though made the pilgrimage down the road from Wakefield to pack out the Leadmill, as they chanted the name of the brothers little home town, while they waited for them to take to the stage.

Formal business had previously suggested that the Cribs were on tour to showcase their forthcoming album For All My Sisters, but in true Cribs fashion formality had little place here as the new stuff took somewhat of a back seat and fans were treated to exactly what they wanted to hear.

Mirror Kisses kicked things off as a jaunty Gary and a frail looking Ryan shared centre stage.

This set had barley started and raucous chants of the ‘Another Number’ intro persisted until the band pulled it out just a few songs in.

But despite this being a set overwhelmed by the fan favourites that allowed this band cult status – including a rare outing for ‘Our Bovine Public’ and ‘Martell’ – a taste of the Jarman collective’s latest catalogue of new raw to the bone power-pop seemed to go down a treat.

The Cribs have played this one well, a set bursting at the brim with classics strategically intertwined with a further look to what we can expect from their new album.

For a band that seem to have barley aged – in sound or in sight – their fans have noticeably. Just for an hour though that night it everyone thought like it was 2004 again, it always goes off when the Cribs come to town.

Will De Nardo