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The Cribs get festive on ‘Christmas (All Year Long’)


The Cribs have got in festive spirits by sharing their debut Christmas single, ‘Christmas (All Year Long)’.

The Wakefield band recently released their eighth studio album Night Network, which has been hailed as a return to form and now the release of ‘Christmas (All Year Long)’ is yet another treat. The festive anthem that the three Jarman brothers cooked up is feelgood, warm and a well worthy addition to your Christmas playlist on Spotify.

2020 has been nightmarish for most people but after the torturous circumstances that The Cribs found themselves in last year that saw the band become more like lawyers than musicians. Things could only have gotten better and, despite a global pandemic preventing them from playing live, they’ve still got plenty to celebrate and ‘Christmas (All Year Long)’ is a perfect way to end a successful year for the Wakefield band.

“It just felt like work,” Gary Jarman reminisced to Far Out last month. “I became resentful. If I heard a song I really loved or a band that I really loved then I would be frustrated that I would be on the shelf. That’s like the psychosis of the whole thing is that it made us resentful of the thing that used to be the thing that we were most proud of and the thing that we cared about the most.” It’s a situation that could easily send a band into an unavoidable downward spiral and it was a very likely outcome at one point.

Jarman continued: “The main fear that me and my brothers had was that if we didn’t get it dealt with properly, we would have never looked back on the band as having been a positive or satisfying thing,” he honestly revealed noting the band’s famed punk ethos. “We’d have looked back on it with regret and we’ve always operated in a manner that we hoped would preclude us from ever having any regrets.”

That attitude has served them well and has given them a newfound lust for life, which you can hear on the delightful ‘Christmas (All Year Long)’. It’s a bundle of joy that isn’t attempting to be anything but a fun, festive banger that will get you in the mood for Christmas.

“We decided against going down the syrupy, sentimental rout – this is a big fuzzy stomper, with cheesy lyrics and some over the top guitar solo-ing,” the band of brothers have said in a statement. “That, to us, equals a good time. Which is what we think a Christmas song should evoke. Maybe this isn’t the best year to launch a Christmas song…but whatever, hopefully this helps cheer you up a bit,” the Jarman’s then added.

Check it out, below.