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The Cribs are back with new song and album details

The Cribs have shared their first new track for two long years as well as revealing details of their eagerly anticipated sixth studio album.

‘An Ivory Hand’ is the first track from For All My Sisters and it’s like nothing we’ve heard before.

It’s got the making of a pop epic, less raw and more meaty than any of its predecessors, it’s an evolved polished sound that could be a signal that the tides are changing for the Wakefield Wonderboys.

While we can only hope that the Cribs won’t leave too much behind – after all it was that charm that has brought about cult status and a devout following – this definitely can’t be ignored.

The catchy guitar hooks and 80s inspired synth melodies are infectious and really we just want to hear more.

For a band that’ve spent the best part of 13 years being understated, could this be their time to be bold?

For All My Sisters gets it full release on 23 March.

Will De Nardo