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The Creeping Ivies turn back the clock with 'Bye Bye Babe'

Remember when times were simpler? When you could get a ¼ of lemon sherbets from the toffee shop and play football in the streets without fear of being knocked down. Nah, us neither. But The Creeping Ivies give us a taste of what we think it might be like.

There’s a purity to the band which shuffles its way towards you on the dance floor, instantaneously catchy ‘Bye Bye Babe’ taken from the band’s EP The Witch House is the Glaswegian version of Hinds but obviously with a touch more soul – If you’re asking “Why?” You have never been to Glasgow.

The track smacks of 60’s pop with a dabble of extra rock and roll, a little sprinkle of surf and a lot of moving feet to the beat. While ‘The Witch House’ takes a slighlty more soulf approach, using the vocal as the lead line.

This is what Sunday afternoons are made for listen to it here, but for now dig the video for the EP The Witch House