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Sleeping inside a transformed industrial crane, Copenhagen


Situated inside a former working coal crane in Copenhagen, The Krane gas become one of the most unique, exclusive and private retreats in Europe.

Melding minds to create a hotel, spa, meeting and event experience, The Krane offers unconventional and panoramic views to the sea, the sky, the harbour, and the city.

Architecture firm Arcgency are the brains behind this creation, dreaming up the luxury two-person retreat located on the edge of Nordhavn, one of the last harbours under renovation in Denmark’s capital city.

The Krane is a one-room hotel, a 50 square metre private retreat perched at the very top of the structure. Kitted out in its unique minimalist style, the room is decorated all in back in reference to its coal working history.

“Black plays a pivotal role in muting and minimising visual distractions so people feel almost enveloped in the interior,” lead architect Mads Møller of Arcgency told Dezeen. “There are hundreds of different shades of black. Depending on the time of day, you can see so many subtle nuances.”

Møller added: “Natural light directly affects how we feel in a space and our happiness overall, so we optimised the inside to capture natural daylight and set the stage for the views of the water outside.”

While the bedroom is located on the very top floor, the spa and meeting rooms are situated below – all of which follow the minimalist yet stylish vision set out by the creative firm. Below, enjoy some images courtesy of the hotel: