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The Coral: "Streaming has given us a younger fanbase"


The Coral: "Streaming has given us a younger fanbase"


The Coral have hailed online streaming websites for giving the band a younger fanbase.

The Wirral-based outfit, who formed way back in 1996, called an indefinite hiatus in 2011 before making their comeback with a new studio album, Distance Inbetween, which was released on 4 March 2016.

Enjoying a resurgence, The Coral took to the stage at Latitude Festival to the unusual sight of young teenage fans singing along to all their material – a direct result of streaming success for the band.

“There was a group of young kids in the middle who seemed to know all the songs – they must’ve heard it on Spotify! This era would’ve been perfect for us coming out now, as it’s a route straight through to the fans,” frontman James Skelly told the BBC.

“Ten years ago we didn’t have young 15-year-old kids at our gigs who’d already heard the music – so to me, it’s a positive thing,” he continued.

“I always wrote music for people to hear it. The more people who hear your records, the more people come to your gigs and that’s how you earn your money.”

“Younger crowds are getting into it. When you’re older you’ve heard it all before, stood at the back of the gig with your girlfriend, chin stroking.

“But the youth get right into it now and it must correlate with streaming.”