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The Coral share new single 'Lover Undiscovered'

The Coral - 'Lover Undiscovered'

The Coral have shared their sparkling new single, ‘Lover Undiscovered’.

This effort is the second single from the band’s forthcoming tenth studio album, Coral Island, their first-ever double album and arrives on April 30th. The album is set on the mystical Coral Island and comes with a fully illustrated book written by keyboardist Nick Power.

It’s almost 20 years since The Coral first set foot into the limelight with their remarkable eponymous debut album in 2002. Coral Island is the continuation of their renaissance over the last few years since returning from a five-year hiatus stylishly with Distance Inbetween in 2016.

‘Lover Undiscovered’ is a sweet, blissful and melodic effort that kicks off Coral Island. It’s about those days of summer that we take for granted and look back on with the fondest of memories. The track is trademark Coral; the band are experts at creating infectious indie-pop, and ‘Lover Undiscovered’ showcases the lighter side to the group, whereas the previous single, ‘Faceless Angel’, displayed the grittier part to their split personality.

Commenting on the track, frontman James Skelly said: “To me, ‘Lover Undiscovered’ is about when you notice or feel something you take for granted, as simple as the sea or a bird flying, and it’s like discovering that feeling all over again. We wanted the recording to sound like The Velvet Underground playing a Motown song in Rhyl Sun Centre.”

Coral Island is split into two parts, with the first half of the record capturing the fictional seaside resort in summer, while the second half is a bleak representation of the resort out of season. ‘Lover Undiscovered’ makes you taste the candyfloss and feel the romanticism that’s intrinsically attached to these old-school British resorts of yesteryear.

Grab yourself a 99 from the Ice Cream van and take flight into Coral Island with the visuals below.