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The Coathangers - Follow Me


Do you ever reach the point where you’ve simply enough? I know that’s a pretty broad and pessimistic statement but hold on. I don’t know about you but I’ve got a real lust for life yet, by not much fault of our own, I can’t help but think the life a majority of us tend lead is oppressed, synthetic and in truth, false and that’s what I’ve had enough of.

From day one we’re handed this template, these instructions on how we’re expected to live: school is merely preparation for a stint in a rampant capitalist economy rather than a proper, beneficial education; where’s the lesson on how to grow your own food as to avoid total dependence on supermarkets?

Unfortunately that’s just the tip of a fucking huge iceberg. When the time comes to work, which we pretty much have to in order to survive, depression and anxiety may hit home as the menial jobs we occupy aren’t really what we wanted to do, it’s what was suggested, it’s what’s necessary to support ourselves and the family we may have acquired. Weekend arrives and escapology begins, drugs are smashed, beers are drank (one of the perks of the system, if you can afford it) but problems aren’t forgotten, merely put on the back burner. This cycle threatens to continue for years and years until that’s it… we’re gone.

Start a revolution, join a band, fall in love – don’t let the bastards get you down.

Our Track of the Day ‘Follow Me’ is by the Coathangers, an all female garage punk band that embody this very spirit. They formed in 2006, they’re from Atlanta, they have a fabulous new record out (Suck My Shirt) and they’re fucking great.

Have a listen.

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