(Credit: Oscar J Ryan)


The Clockworks reveal new song 'Feels So Real'


Irish rockers The Clockworks, who have been amazing a steady collection of killer singles in the past two years, have shared their latest track ‘Feels So Real’.

I love any artist who you can tell immediately where they’re from the second that someone opens their maw and belts out a song. Not unlike their post-punk brethren Fontaines D.C., it’s obvious from the jump that The Clockworks are Irish, as singer James McGregor doesn’t do a damn thing to hide that perfectly Celtic accent. Also, they’ve got names like James McGregor and Sean Connelly, so they aren’t exactly hiding their roots.

‘Feels So Real’ plays into that exciting late-night excitement where no matter how gritty or grimy the area you happen to be in is, there’s a buzz in the air that keeps propelling you to the next club, the next bar, or the next party. “Tripping over bottle tops, skip round syringes/Trollies in the river and gates off their hinges.”

“The idea for this song was to soundtrack a certain feeling, a rapture or excitement, for the lyrics to set the scene and the music to set the feeling,” McGregor explains in a press release. “This song is essentially about how all the things that make up the city; the good, the bad and the ugly are all what make it exciting… In a way, it could be about finding hope in hopeless circumstances.”

If there’s any way to change your depressing surroundings into opportunities for fun and excitement, music is certainly one of the best ways to go. The Clockworks understand the power that a few guitars and a big chorus can have on your mindset. Damp, dreary, and downtrodden can turn into a bright, bold, and unbelievable night with a little musical accompaniment.

Check out the video for ‘Feels So Real’ down below.