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Credit: Matt Walter


Everything you need to know about The Chats is in their video for 'Dine N Dash'


What are Fridays for if not a sub-two minute punk headbanger from Aussie boys, The Chats? Exactly. It’s why we’ve made their new single, ‘Dine N Dash’ our Track of the Day.

If you’re unfamiliar with The Chats, you may well know them as that Australian mulleted band whose recent song, ‘Smoko’, went viral. And while it meant everyone couldn’t get the taste of The Chats out of their mouth, it was just the amuse-bouche of what was to come.

Since ‘Smoko’ the band have been on a frenetic run of singles. Blasting out punk jams that are capable of turning your head so fast you won’t notice they’ve already trashed your house and drunk all your beer.

For the fifth single from their upcoming album High Risk Behaviour, which arrives on March 27th, the band have employed the same ethos that has got them where they are now. Keep it fast, keep it filthy, and never look back. It’s also a mantra many people using when escaping the bill at a restaurant.

The new single, ‘Dine N Dash’ comes accompanied by a brand new video too. It’s funny and furious and everything you need to know about The Chats in just under two minutes. The video, directed by Matt Weston, finds the band in an unfamiliar environment, eating a steakhouse meal while embracing the piss poor status of their wallets and outright brazenness to get a decent feed.

“We filmed at Walters steakhouse in Brisbane. It was the best steak I’ve had. Definitely gave the bowlsie a run for its money. No mushy gravy thou,” said the band’s Josh Price. “Ya know you’re in a fancy restaurant when the chips and salad aren’t included,” confirmed Eamon Sandwith.

Watch The Chats ‘Dine N Dash’ and find out everything you need to know about them.

DISCLAIMER: The Chats DO NOT condone the old Dine N Dash, they just like it.