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The Castillians - You and Me

Following on from them being labelled ‘Your New Favourite Band’ by yours truly, The Castillians have announced a brand new single for us all to turn the volume up and get on down to. ‘You and Me’ is courageous garage rock with a hint of pop and a double helping of frenzied energy. Oh yeah, and it’s our Track of the Day.

Released via PNKSLM in late October the band are making their impression felt following the release of album Show Your Teeth earlier in the year. ‘You and Me’ is taken from their forthcoming record and we can all look forward to that now.

The Castillians reek of a bright future and manage to dirty up riffs better than The Black Keys with shoe polish and a blindfold. They thrash and scowl whilst maintaining an air of distance as the vocals scorches across the rhythm and brings the emotion of the piece to the front of the stage bathed in the spotlight.

‘You and Me’ sounds ramshackle with energy and clipped with fuzzing solos that the production manages to tailor like a fine Vivienne Westwood suit. It’s sleek and chic but the punk is still there, beating away as the heart of the band.

If this is what The Castillians have up their sleeve expect to see a lot fucking more of them.