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The Castillians get the party started with ‘Piggy in the Middle’


Formed in 2010, the band have slowly been crafted their sound and fanbase with deadly affect. Trust us with one thing, if you go to a Castillians show you WILL have a good time. You could go with your Gran and you would be collecting her stockings from the ceiling fan by the end of the night. ‘Piggy in the Middle’ continues this trend.

Built on bouncing rhythm and garage licks The Castillians are further establishing their ethos with the help of PNK SLM Recordings and this new track. Taken from their second LP You & Me which will be released on February 12th ‘Piggy in the Middle’ is a chugging rock and roll rampage.

Hinting at the warehouse extravagance that the band grew from, it bounces along its happy way without a care for the following morning. We actually feel a little soaked in whiskey from it already.

Happy Friday people, let’s have the weekend right.